Thursday, November 17, 2011

735. Inspirational picture


As regards your water project, I am reminded of this martial arts movie "Dead Or Alive" which is free online and just watched by me as I do my early morning internet work. In the movie, the antagonist mentioned 3 words about the Japanese lady not up to the mark as her brother. She needs "Skills, Timing and Strength" but she has no "strength".

Somehow, these 3 words seem apt for your project in wanting to expand your business from Singapore to China and Indonesia. I was wondering what to write in a picture of flowers I just took last Saturday at Sentosa. Now, I know and I produce a picture to encourage you.

1. The timing is right (environmental health concern for clean water), the skill is there (your brother) but the strength (of the parties doing marketing) is to be established and you have got the expatriate

and others you are networking to build up a team to increase your strength.

2. Thinking of making money all the time will not make one be successful in business, in my opinion.

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