Tuesday, November 8, 2011

726. Regional nerve block in vet dentistry video

I spoke to Daniel, a Murdoch 5th year vet student who wrote a research article on the above subject and said it was inexpensive and fast and therefore should be used by vets.

I do not do regional nerve block in vet dentistry as the dog still needs General Anaesthesia, unlike human beings. Maybe in very old dogs? GA using isoflurane + oxygen is safe even for very old dogs. So I believe almost 99% of vets in private practice do not bother with regional nerve blocks in vet dentistry in the dog and cat.
However, I chanced upon a video on this subject today while doing my research for the AVA Responsible Pet Ownership 2011 Seminar on this Sat Nov 12,2011 at 1.3pm0 - 2 pm at Changi Expo. I will be showing videos rather than the boring Power Point Slides presentation. Probably only 10 adults and a few children will be present at this talk, from my past observations!

There is a video at:

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