Wednesday, November 2, 2011

722. Cracked RU PM4 in golden retriever

A young couple saw me today for a second opinion as the dog was chewing on the left side for the past 2 weeks. He was fed lamb shanks and raw diet for some years but recently cracked his RU Premolar.

A red hole 1 mm in diameter was obvious and so I thought it was the cause of the tooth ache. The owner had palpated the tooth and there was a sliding of the upper front part of the tooth and told me. Indeed, there was movement. I shone a torch.

Still it took nearly 30 minutes of review and palpation before I finally concluded that the dog actually had a V-shaped fracture sideways from the upper anterior end! At one review, red blood oozed out from the crack. A v-shaped side fracture!

That was why it was moving. The owner gave treats many times to prevent the dog biting the vet and so there was some distractions. But at least, it was not the gum.

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