Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Follow up video production on the Chihuahua with oro-nasal fistual and lessons learnt

Oro-nasal fistula in an old Chihuahua - Part 2. The follow-up

show details Oct 16 (3 days ago)

I find your joint-production video much alive and interesting with 2 people narrating. It is just like a duet with two people singing. It is much more responsive and fun.

I need both of you to help me produce the follow up video on Daphne's case so that I can show at the AVA Responsible Pet Ownership 2011 talk.

1. Please do me a favour to produce the video together with .... The URL is at:
MAKE IT COME ALIVE as the dog is already dead and I have no video of her.

2. As regards music inside your video, it is a great idea. I love it. It makes me awake and alert. Not so boring. Great idea.
However, I wonder if there are copyrights issue. It is best to produce your own music or get permission from the young music-producing students (if there are any!).

3. Errors - FIV in a stray cat.
3.1 Antigens
In one slide, you say "Antibodies". Pl check. I believe it should be "antigens".

I love the red finger nails of the "Vet". It is so much interesting. Unfortunately Dr Vanessa does not paint her nails red or at all!

Best wishes. Let me know if you have questions.


show details Oct 18 (1 day ago)

Hi Dr Sing,

Thanks for your kind remarks! ... and I will be glad to produce the video for you, but we are not quite sure what a "follow-up" video is about though!

Looking forward to your reply,


1. Follow up means "what happens to the dog" since I last saw him.
The last time I saw him was the video produced by Daphne Ng. This is at:

2. The video ended with the operation done successfully. The dog goes home.

The follow up:

2.1 SEVEN DAYS LATER - mum happy. No need to clean up the non-healing wound as the infected tooth root had been extracted. Healing takes place.

2.2 SEVEN MONTHS LATER, Upper respiratory tract infection. Treated OK.
2.3 EIGHT MONTHS LATER, Dog died. What was the cause? Old age? No. It was actually a septicaemia due to pyometra.

Seriously ill. Anaemic. IV drip. No hope.
"Any bleeding recently?" I asked. The dog was not spayed and could have got an infected womb. This is called PYOMETRA.
"No," the son said.
"Yes, around 2 months ago....(see my notes) and case at:


The dog would have lived to a ripe old age if the mother had her spayed or told the son that the dog had been bleeding and contact the vet. The son is a busy marketing man and so he is not the care-giver. Unfortunately, the mother had not communicated with him about the bleeding episode which was a case of PYOMETRA. The bacteria in the infected womb continued its attack on the dog, spreading toxins and infecting other organs. When the dog came to the vet, she was at death's door.

The son was actually the one who loves this dog as shown by his actions. But he did not know the dog had a serious bleeding problem as the mum did not tell him. In retrospect, spaying this dog early would have had prevented this death. But many Singapore owners feel that it is "cruel" to spay or neuter a dog.

This is the new-age thinking but such owners need to check their dogs daily to ensure that there are no such illness or growing tumours during old age and get early vet treatment.
I need your help to create a dialogue. C... represents the vet asking questions (a rough tone). You represent the mum. C... has to represent the young man (a different tone of voice of a man of his age). This makes the story much more interesting than one person narrating.

Pl let me know if you need more info. Bye for now.

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