Sunday, October 30, 2011

715. Follow up on puppy's paper training case

The puppy was paper-trained for 2 weeks and then given an extension of the confined area. Dettol was used. However, I need more info about the housing layout etc and the following are my comments:

E-MAIL TO DR SING DATED OCT 30, 2011 to me

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Hi Dr Sing,

It was nice meeting you and Dr Vanessa when I brought my puppy for his 3rd vaccination.

The puppy has been eliminating at the correct place, i.e. the newspaper, for about 2 weeks. We let him out occasionally to a small, confined area and he has no problems going back to the newspaper to pee. However, for the past few days, he has been peeing outside the newspaper a few times even after we washed the floor with Dettol. We took it that he forgot the place the first few times, but today, the newspaper was clean and he still peed outside the newspaper. Once, when he peed on the newspaper, he sat beside the newspaper and looked guilty. Are there any possible reasons to this?

Would appreciate your advise on this matter. Thank you.



I was surprised to meet you and your mum and thank you for coming to Toa Payoh Vets.

Pl email 3 pictures of his housing layout including where you place his feed and water bowl and his sleeping bed (if any).

1. What is the pH of Dettol? Does it some ammonia urine-smell? This may cause the puppy to use the area as its toilet area and its crate as the clean den (although it has newspapers).

2. Previously, did you use Dettol?
3. Use white vinegar + water at 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water to clean the floor instead of Dettol.
4. It may be best to confine him again.
5. Pictures of the housing and other info as requested are needed.

Best wishes.


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