Thursday, October 27, 2011

711. Perineal haematoma and circum-anal tumour

Thur Oct 27, 2011
Today's cases.
A Shetland 6-month-old male had a firm lump on the right of the anus. "Perineal hernia?" I thought at first but it was not reduced in size when pushed inwards. No pain. "Suddenly appeared in the last 4 days," the young man said. So, what is it?

Zoletil 50 0.1 ml sedated lasted 5 minutes. No hyperextension of limbs. Isoflurane gas top up. Syringe out serous blood 4 ml. Incise. A capsule-like sac seen. 3/0 nylon stitched cross stitch x 1. Blood test showed no bacterial infection.

8-year-old male shih Tzu with blood in both ears. After washing, I could see a large wart in left ear and numerous tumours in right ear. "No drugs can cure this dog," I said. "Surgery is required." Ideally ear canal ablation, not just excise the warts and lumps. "Wear an e-collar," I said as the owner did not wish to have the operation on financial considerations. Ringworm generalised and a small circum-anal tumour above anus.

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