Tuesday, October 11, 2011

680. Cystitis, lower urinary tract infection, upper urinary tract infection

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011

"Both of you better go home in the afternoon," I said to the two young adults who kept yawning as I discussed the case of the Maltese that urinated dark red urine. I guess a Maltese peeing blood in the urine is not exciting as the dog belonged to somebody else.

"I stayed up late to produce the video," the young lady said. "It is a good video," I commented as she showed it on the monitor, "The hook is missing." The hook is the image of a bottle of dark red blood and that image was with her classmate. This was her first draft. I asked her to e-mail it to me. The final draft will need to include the hook, the X-rays and urine test results which I had created and more text. How to make it interesting to the pet owner is the challenge.

I asked the two students to tell me the difference between cystitis, lower urinary and upper urinary tract infections. I hope this case study will make their lessons on urinary diseases much more alive and interesting when they go back to the Polytechnic soon.

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