Saturday, October 1, 2011

651. Fluorescein stain test to detect corneal ulcers in the dogs

I notice one vet would syringe normal saline onto the eyes first to flush out debris, then apply the orange eye strip onto the eye. The dog's eyelids are closed. The dye which turns green on contact with the eyes is then flushed away with another syringe of saline. This method is described in her Vet text book and is one of the methods used by vets.

All these years, my method is to drop eye drops onto the eyes instead of syringing to clear the eye debris. If the eyes are clean, I apply the orange strip onto the eyes, close the dog's eyelids with my fingers. The dye will stain ulcers green. I use eye drops to flush away the excess dye so that the eye ulcers can be seen.

There are more than one way to do a procedure. But I believe my method is the better way. Syringing a dog's eyes with normal saline can be quite stressful to the dog that is not sedated. Imagine the doctor syringing your eye with a mild force. I mean, you can't syringe a dog's eyes by dripping the normal saline. The dog will just move away or bite the vet if not muzzled.

Each vet has his or her own style of doing procedures or surgeries. Sometimes, the Vet text book procedure is not to be adopted if it is inefficient, traumatic or uses up more materials or takes more time.

I will discuss further with her or any new vets whose procedures are different from mine. It is best to adopt the Principal's method generally to be consistent in practice, if the Principal's method is better. The new vet must observe or ask and not try to do his or her own thing generally.

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