Friday, September 23, 2011

A new ultrasonic dental scaler and anaesthetic machine

I have installed a new ultrasonic dental scaler as I had given the older one to my ex-Vet technician Mr Saw who brought it back to Yangon. He had decided to open his own practice and I hope this scaler would help a bit to lower his cost of start up.

As to the new anaesthetic machine and the piping system, I discovered that in the past 3 months, the oxygen and isoflurane used were much more than necessary. My assistant asked me to order a 250-ml of isoflurane within a month. It was not that we had done a hundred general anaesthetics.

So, I got Mr Goh to check. He said that the lever on the vaporiser was not "locked", thereby permitting leaks of isoflurane. In the old vaporisers, there was no such lever.

He got me a new set. More fanciful gadget. There is an "alarm" gauge when the pressure of the system is below normal.

As to the dental scaler, I am chasing him to install an extra switch for the water inlet so that the switch can be turned off and the machine kept in the cabinet. This is because I note that my assistants of past and present don't really bother to treat the machines well. After all, they don't pay for it.

A culture of responsibility and care for the tools of the trade is either in an assistant or not. I think the vet schools do not bother to teach them the need to take care of vet machines which are expensive things and not disposable toys.

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