Thursday, September 1, 2011

House call to see a 16-year-old Fox Terrier

It was many years since I saw the Fox Terrier who now cannot stand up properly and has some lumps and infections in his backside. The owners asked me to make a house-call and did not mind paying the fee of $300 as the dog might be stressed out and die on the way to Toa Payoh Vets.

This is not the right way to practise veterinary medicine as a house-call would achieve nothing for the old dog. I said: "From your description, the old male dog would be suffering from anal sac infection and circum-anal tumours which need to be excised. So, a house-call would not help this dog at all and your money would be spent for with no valuable services to you."

I arranged the pet transport man to bring the dog down for inspection. That would be better for the old companion as proper nursing and surgery cannot be achieved at home.

In old dogs (over 8 years old) requiring surgery, don't use domitor or any sedative IV. Halothane + oxygen gas would be safest. Ensure that the dog has an IV drip and antibiotics some 4 hours prior to surgery. Usually the normal healthy old dog survives.

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