Friday, September 2, 2011

DOA - Dead On Arrival - parvoviral Westie puppy

I said to the dog transport man today Fruiday Sep 3, 2011: "Be careful with the transport of the 16-year-old Fox Terrier. I hear that he had collapsed once. May have heart disease. I don't want a DOA - dead on arrival dog."

"Choi, choi," he replied, meaning some counter verses to ward off bad luck. The dog arrived alive.

But there was a DOA. A young man in a car brought a dead Westie puppy he had bought from the dog breeder. The breeder treated it for vomiting and diarrhoea without success and asked him to come to Toa Payoh Vets. It was DOA.

I asked Dr Vanessa to handle the case to see how she would handle this case sensitively and carefully. This is part of my mentoring lessons. Any careless allegations about vaccinations would have impact and led to grievances and litigation. This is where the old vet knows what to do.

There are certain procedures to be done in examination of a DOA puppy. A parvoviral test must be done. This was positive. A vet report must be written. Cremation to be discussed. Who to pay must be made clear as the breeder might not pay for the services. In this case, I showed how the case is handled.

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