Wednesday, September 28, 2011

642. Clinical Research Project into normal blood values of Singapore's dogs and cats


Dear Dr ....

Thank you for taking the time to email to me. The following is my clinical research proposal which is of practical value for the health of dogs and cats in Singapore.

Presently, each vet practice in Singapore has its own blood testing machines or send the blood samples to Quest Lab which focuses on human medicine. The normal range of blood values vary greatly and are provided by the commercial people selling the machines or from some values published in veterinary books usually in the U.S.

For Quest Lab, the normal range given in their report is said to be for dogs and cats but since it is not a laboratory focused on veterinary medicine, I have not been able to find out from its staff where its reference values are sourced from.

Therefore I have had proposed a research project with Mr ... of .... Poly Veterinary to get a statistically significant sample of normal dogs and cats in Singapore to produce the blood values. This means working together with the bio-statistics department or a department that does clinical research to set up the research protocols to produce a scientific paper and statistically significant blood values for the normal Singapore dogs and cats.

Please let me know when you will be free to meet to discuss further.

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