Sunday, September 18, 2011

617. Singing for their wedding guests

What was most memorable about this wedding dinner was that the bride and bridegroom each held a mike and sang a duet as they walked into the wedding dining room. I could not hear what they sang in Mandarin. Confetti were thrown at them as they walked hand in hand to the stage. The waitresses and waiters did a dance with their plates near the stage before serving dinner. This was unusual. The place was a golf country club. Guests were mainly from the travel industry in Singapore including patrons.

In the other wedding I attended, the couple walked into the wedding dining room without pomp, dry ice or any music as the guests stood up. "Why no dry ice and music?" I asked the bride's father. The parents whom I knew well were very happy. This was the 3rd wedding reception (Australia, Shanghai and now Singapore). A singer was present. The place was a hotel. The waitresses and waiters served without much ado. Guests were from Australia, Shanghai and Singapore. "Was the baby born after the wedding?" I asked the father. "No," he said. "My daughter has been too busy to organise the Singapore wedding and by the time she did it, the baby has been born!"

Both brides looked great and radiant.

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