Thursday, September 8, 2011

594. A dog with a large laceration wound was warded for 7 months

On last Friday, I went to the Surgery at 8 pm and phoned the owner of this cross-bred who was warded for 7 months by my colleague whom I had reminded several times to get the dog home.

A gentleman came, showed me his identity card confirming he was the registered owner and said: "Nobody phones me. So, I thought my dog has not recovered from his wound."

"I was told you were building a cage to house him in the factory," I said. "There's a man whom I met and had seen coming to visit this dog."

"I am the owner," he asserted. "My brother has not visited or seen this dog for months! Who is this person?"

I phoned my colleague as I was most surprised. I did see another man who was to be this gentleman's brother and had advised surgery and drew an illustration of Z-plasty to close the large elbow armpit laceration wound, some 3 months ago. But he did not want it. As this was not my case, I let my colleague handled it.

The gentleman paid some money and then on Saturday, another man came to take the dog home. He said: "Remember me? We spoke about the operation proposed by you. I am the brother. Now, I wish to take the dog home."

I got my assistant to take down his identity card particulars. This was such an incredible doggy story. You can't believe it is true. So, who was my colleague phoning all these months when I asked her to get the owner to take home this cross-bred? There is a mystery in this case. The wound had not healed fully but had reduced in size by 80% to a small red area. 7 months is too long to be at the vet. I need to review my system again. Vet medicine is always full of surprises now and then. I thought this dog was abandoned but he was not. Was there another phone number? I don't know as I closed this file for the time being.

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