Monday, September 5, 2011

583. Follow up on hamster with cyst and two abscesses

I have not uploaded the full surgery images on a website yet. Three surgery images are as follows as follows:

"The hamster ate soon after surgery but was selective on eating only sunflower seeds," the lady owner said when I phoned on Sunday yesterday. This was around 3 days post-operation.

She said: "There seems to be something white coming out from the hole in the ear. She is not scratching the nylon stitches."

I asked the owner to e-mail to me 2 pictures. One showed the horizontal ear canal opening. The upper right quadrant with the ear canal opening as centre looked very red and inflamed. "The hamster scratched this area, avoiding the nylon stitches," the owner said when I phoned her.

In my e-mail reply after seeing the pictures, I could only speculate as follows:

Thanks for 2 pictures. There may be some growing internal abscess/cyst in the reddish area to the upper right quadrant of the ear canal opening. That is why the hamster is scratching it as in the previous time.

See if the medication can work.

It is hard to diagnose based on digital images.

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