Friday, August 26, 2011

565. How to win the heart of someone?

A tip for the single readers who may wish to win the hearts of someone.

1. Buy a good camera that can focus well and fast.
2. Teach yourself how to take good digital pictures by reading the numerous photo magazines at the National Library branches.
3. Practise and practise taking street photography.
4. Sunlight is very important, in my opinion as it brings out the shine.
5. Then look for a song with appropriate lyrics to accompany the photo.
6. Present the photo to the person to win his or her heart.
7. Any chance of success? If you create good pictures, you may win his or her heart when you email the picture with the appropriate love song.

If you can sing like Lionel Richie, then no need photos!

After so much writing, I am giving an example as shown below:

1. Song - "Hello" by Lionel Richie
From You Tube:

2. Photo - "Sunlight in your hair" from the lyrics of Lionel Richie's song.

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