Wednesday, August 24, 2011

559. Bald backside neutered dwarf hamster - due to dominant male

August 22, 2011. I was in Hong Kong. A phone call from a gentleman who asked me whether he should buy the cream from the pet shop. "No problem with the dwarf hamster you neutered some time ago," he had still housed the neutered one with the dominant male to keep each other company.

"It is usually due to the neutered hamster being mounted by the dominant male," I said. "Creams will not be of any use. Separate for two weeks and the hair should grow back."

Usually such bald backside hamsters are the ones housed together. In this case, the dominant male must have disturbed the neutered one many times. Pet shops in Singapore do sell cream for any hamster hair loss or tumours. It is part of their marketing.

I was in Hong Kong restaurant eating dinner in a spacious Chinese restaurant called Foo Lum (Auto Plaza) near The Royal Garden, Tsim Sha Shui. Excellent steamed small lobster with noodle + cheese or without cheese at HK$138 or S$20. Good roast goose.

At least 3 waitresses were selling the restaurant made moon-cakes to me. 100% made in Hong Kong, not from China. Bought one box. As Sing dollar is high, it seems that the moon-cake with double yolk ling yong with plastic spoon, knife and fork and metallic box of lotus flower is really much cheaper than in Singapore! I am debating whether to give this box to a friend or not since I bought only one box.

All the sea food and moon cakes can be quite addictive and high cholesterol- need self-restraint if one does not want a heart attack.

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