Thursday, August 11, 2011

537. Follow-up on the cat having urination difficulty - FLUTD again

I spoke to your husband and fax copies of blood and urine test results to him yesterday.

1. Significant finding of the blood test is the low platelet count and the high glucose level. The low platelet count is probably due to the cat ingesting some toxic chemicals via grooming his coat. There was some "fur vomited" too. Abdominal pain was present.

2. For the urine test, there are bacteria, epithelial cells, white cells and red blood cells and a trace of protein present. This indicated a urinary tract infection involving primarily the bladder. A trace of protein may not be serious at this stage.

3. There is no kidney disease based on the blood and urine tests. No urinary crystals are detected. As for the high glucose level, a 2nd test is needed in 2 months' time to assess whether he has diabetes.

4. A test 2 months later is advised.

5 Advice: Keep the cat indoors and away from eating grass and soil. He has lost weight and this may be due to the ingestion of toxic chemicals tainting his coat and paws when he plays in the garden outdoors. Toxic chemicals may include insecticide and fertilisers and mosquito fogging chemicals. Some cats love to nap under the car, staining themselves with engine oil etc. So, it is best to keep this cat indoors all the time.

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