Monday, August 1, 2011

527. ANAESTHESIA. No e-collar for Chow Chow after spay


One late evening, a slim young lady in career clothes walked into my surgery whiile I was doing some paper-work in the room. She wanted to see the operating room and had a tour of Toa Payoh Vets. No problem with me although I had never had so requests in my 30 years of small animal practice.

Soon her Chow Chow came to be spayed. I also had rarely spayed Chow Chows as they are rather rare dogs in Singapore as over 80% of the people live in public housing which prohibits any dog over 20 kg and certain height.

An e-collar prevents the female dog licking her stitches after spay. But it affects the coat around the Chow Chow's ears. Some dogs hate e-collars. Others get cut by the sharp edge of the Buster brand. As this dog is so pretty, an e-collar could ruin her neck coat.

So, I decided not to give an e-collar after the spay and used elastoplast and tolfedine pain-killers. The family members also did their part in nursing her, I am sure.

Date of spay: July 23, 2010
Chow Chow, Female, 17.6kg, 39.7 deg C. 1 year old
Had heat in Marcho 2010

Domitor 2.5 ml IV via saline drip
Isoflurane + oxygen gas maintenance of one hour
Spay surgery
2/0 absorbable suture X 1 packet

Post-op pain-killer NSAID
Tolfedine 60 mg x 5 tab (1/day), 6mg x10 tab (2/day)
tolfedine being available in 60 mg and 6 mg tab only. At 4mg/kg sid, should be getting around 70-80 mg which is 60 + 12 mg per day.
baytril x 6 tab (2/day) 8 am and trimaxzole liquid daily at 6 pm

Elastoplast to cover wound. As there was no need to remove stitches, I don't get to see the dog again.

No complaint from the owner at all. I spoke to her some weeks later and she said everything was OK.

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