Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday's interesting cases - stitching up a big backside gap

Sunday at 9.30 am was scheduled for me to stitch up the poor Silkie's big backside holes. He had a big Taiwanese mango lump in his backside some 10 days ago. The intestines and bladder popped out from his pelvis and rubbed against the skin. He licked till the skin became paper-thin and you could see the intestines just lying under. The blood supply and the subcutaneous fat and skin dermis layers were almost wiped out. No blood flowed. So, the area became white as snow (see pictures).

After I repaired the 3 hernias, the thin skin became gangrenous. So, the skin died day by day and 3 big hole appeared. I took 1 hour to re-do and re-stitch. If not done, the stools just drop into it.

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