Tuesday, July 12, 2011

500. Changing a vet's mindset on 2 injections for cat anaesthesia to 1 injection

I visited a vet whom I saw growing up as a little boy some 35 years ago. "His head was up to the level of the operating table," I said to the mother. His mother said: "His daughter's head is now up to that level!" How ancient I must be.

The vet uses xylazine IM, wait and then Zoletil IV (rubber band) in elbow cut off before injecting the Zoletil. This means two syringes and needles are needed and two injection sites. And a longer waiting time prior to surgery.

The vets find this method very safe and efficacious and so have no interest in my recommendation of xylazine + ketamine IM in one syringe. I find this much more efficient. Why change when nothing is broken?

I said: "I used to use xylazine IM and then give the cat isoflurane gas by mask previously." It was an excellent method but now I use xylazine + ketamine IM which is excellent and time-saving. Top up with isoflurane if my dosage is lower or there is some delay.

"Using isoflurane gas by mask onto the cat will also anaesthesize the vet," the mother laughed.

"Yes, yes," I said. "I fall asleep during surgery!" This is meant to be a joke. Sometimes vets must have a sense of humour too.

The two vets were not interested in my advice to save some money and be more productive. But their method of anaesthesia had worked well for so many stray cats and therefore, why take the risk? I can understand that.

It was great for me to meet them and exchange ideas on veterinary treatment of cases.

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