Tuesday, July 5, 2011

490. Personalised match-making course in Singapore by Toa Payoh Vets

One of my interesting client is working in the Singapore match-making agency called Social Development Network (SDN), Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

The SDN has a new strategy whereby it partners "grassroot organisations" to do match-making. This is an excellent idea as the communities are a great source of contacts. I wonder whether Toa Payoh Vets can be a partner of the SDN. For example, introducing pet owners to pet owners via functions organised by Toa Payoh Vets in partnership with the SDN? Do I sound desperate?

The young lady sent me a list of courses in match-making. Everything in Singapore seems to require government approval, training and certification. So that is why I asked her to give me a list of training courses. I have included the list in my blog in case some of my readers may be interested.

Below is my e-mail reply to her.



Is your cat's breathing rate normal now? I have not heard from you for the past 3 days and presume she is OK now.

Thanks again for dating agency courses. I wonder whether there are any baby boomer attending the "personalised dating service" courses? Such courses may be good for veterinarians in providing "personalised veterinary service" as client-doctor relationships last a life-time and into the younger generation if there is an element of connection and trust.

The following true story may be of interest to your lecturer. I had this enterprising realtor friend in his 50s. He can sell ice to Eskimos as that is his personality and he does not have the fortune of being a graduate. He sold me an idea to invest in his Hainanese businessman's pig farming business and spent his time and money to take me on a tour of the three big pig farms. I enjoyed the pig-farm tourism as I was once a pig vet in Singapore in the 1970s when I was a newly minted veterinarian working for the Primary Production Department (now called Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority).

Once I asked this man whether he had done any dating business in Hainan since he has the connections in Hainan. He actually did one successful personalised match-making a lady from his hometown in Hainan with a Singaporean free of charge. He is very welcome by the Hainanese mothers in his home-town. I was surprised.

He told me that it is a very risky venture as he will be blamed if the marriage fails later and so he has stopped doing it. "The best income still comes from property,"he said to me recently. "But not selling properties to Singaporeans." Now he sells Singapore properties to his China quite successfully and if you think about it, China is a vast market of possibilities in real estate and in match-making.

Best wishes.

List of Accredited Dating Agencies:


Course details for Organising a Dating Event:


Course details for Provide Personalised Dating Services:


Course details for Establish and Manage a Dating Business:


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