Monday, July 4, 2011

488. Golden Retriever peeing problem

Hi Dr Sing,

I am having some paper training problem with my 4mth male Golden Retriever puppy and hope to get some advice from you.

My puppy is call Wangwang and he had been with me since 2.5mths.
It took us 2 weeks plus to paper trained him to pee n poo on newspaper which we placed in the kitchen area.
He had been doing so for abt a mth.

However recently, he begin to sometimes pee in the living area and other areas.
Which means, sometimes he will pee on the newspaper (n tats usually in the morning) but other times he will pee elsewhere.
He still poo on the newspaper thou despite his peeing problem.

Another thing we notice is that he tends to 'leak' pee when we touch him.
There is even once he pee out when we are giving him belly rub (ya he pee when he is on his back like a fountain)

Is it because he tend to hold his bladder till very full and is unable to control till he reach the newspaper? There are a couple of times i saw him running into the kitchen n just pee half way before he can reach the newspaper at the corner.

Wang wang knew he had done wrong by peeing elsewhere other than the destinated place because everytime he mis-pee, he will quickly hide under the chair.

Is he getting restless thus the misbehavior or is there anything wrong with his bladder?
I will really appreciate your advice in Wangwang's change of peeing habit.

Thank you so much

Best regards,
Name of owner


I am Dr Sing from Thank you for your e-mail.
There are at least 3 possibilities for your dog's actions
1. A urinary tract infection. Get your vet to have his urine analysed.

2. Submissive urination. Pees when his belly is rubbed. Don't continue with your rubbing. Don't greet him with a loud tone when he sees you. Build up his confidence. More socialising and outdoor experience. Read books on submissive/excitation uirnation.

3. Unknown causes arising from your management and housing.

In any case, a veterinary examination soon is advised.
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