Sunday, June 26, 2011

Finding the diagram in the Murdoch Vet Library

Singapore does not have a Veterinary University and all its vets are graduates from overseas universities. So, it can be difficult to get the latest periodicals and books.

In October 2011, I went to Murdoch University. There was a big sadness as my god-daughter who was 5 weeks from graduation to be a vet from this University had died in a car accident one month earlier. I had seen her as a baby, baptised and grown up. Why did this happen? Nobody has the answer.

I have been searching long for some notes on catheterisation of the urethra of the female dog and spent half a day at the Veterinary library of Murdoch Vet School. Unlike Singapore's Universities which restrict or ban access from members of the public, I find that Murdoch University libraries permit access.

I found my information and drew out the sketch for the benefit of vets who may need such information.

The details are at, DOGS - URINARY TRACT PROBLEMS.

Or goto
if you want more case studies. The diagram is given below:

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