Thursday, June 30, 2011

485. A Schnauzer pooping 6x/day now poops 3-4X/day after 7 days

The Miniature Schnauzer came yesterday Jun 30, 2011 for her 3rd vaccination. 7 days ago, the young lady owner with 2 small boys asked me whether it was normal for her 3-month-old puppy to poop 6x/day of 24 hours? What would be my advice since I said it was not normal?

Following my advice she reported that the puppy now poops 3-4X/day on 2 meals (breakfast and dinner as is customary in Singapore but puppy books recommend many more times for 3-month-olds).

"How did you do it" I asked for her secret.
"I did what you advise," she laughed.
I did advise a few things.
"Well," she said. "No distractions. That means my two boys and I don't bother with the puppy before and after meals. So she can poop all as you said."

That was good news.
"Furthermore," she said. "The puppy now does not pee on the side of the tiled area (left side). Just the newspapers. But she still pees onto the kitchen floor when let out although I remove the baby gate as advised by you."

"You ought to let her out an additional 50% of her present tiled area," I said. "Not the whole kitchen floor. Then increase the tiled area. She would then be able to remember to go to the papered area in the store room."

I forgot to tell her to neutralise the urine smell on the kitchen floor. The puppy still had dark brown anal sac oil expressed and I was surprised. I taught her how to do the anal sac expression. It was overall a happy encounter.

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