Thursday, June 23, 2011

480. Finding a good family for a young timid chihuahua

It is hard to find a good family for an adult dog. I had given up hope of finding a very good family for this timid Chihuahua who had been staying with an experienced and famous Chihuahua breeder for the last 8 months. The breeder gave the dog to me to find a good home as he did not want to breed a monorchid (one testes). I thought he would be giving me a puppy as he had done before but this was an 8-month-old handsome Chihuahua.

On July 22, 2011, a client phoned me to make an appointment the next day as her female Chihuahua had an "ant bite" in the backside. I happened to be taking phone calls like the receptionist. "Come before 11 am if you specifically want to consult me," I said. I am usually on duty before 11 am and after that my clients would be consulting Dr Vanessa Lin who works from 11 am to 7 pm usually.

So, time and space connected. The timid Chihuahua found a very good family and I am very happy for him. He needs a teenager who will have time for him and another Chihuahua who will be his playmate and make him grow up to be more confident. It was a coincidence as my client could have not be free to consult me before 11 am and therefore, would not be offered this Chihuahua by Dr Vanessa as the dog had nothing to do with her and I had not thought of asking her to look out for a family to adopt this dog. She had an older Shih Tzu whom she had found a new family to adopt and it took some time too. Mine took over 2 months.

It is just tough to find a family to adopt a dog unless one is the SPCA.

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