Tuesday, June 21, 2011

478. Sharpei websites



Dr Sing,

Thank you for treating (name of Sharpei).
The above are the two sites I frequently go to.
There are a few more which I have yet to locate.
Can you send me a photo or two of the photo you took of my dog

Sharpei could not see clearly as he did not respond promptly to objects as before.
So the owner consulted me.

The dog had lower eyelid medial entropion. His upper eyelids' entropion was well done by the UK vet and had everted the upper eyelid. I noted generalised superficial ulcerative keratitis (cloudy cornea over 80% in both eyes). This explained why he could not focus as sharply as before.

What caused this superficial keratitits? Eye rubbing + ear rubbing over several weeks. His left ear was infected as he growled to warn me not to continue touching his ear. So, there was a problem. His neck skin was infected as signs of scratching were seen.

Skin scrapings by Dr Vanessa - no demodectic mites seen. "This negative finding does not mean he is not suffering from demodectic mange," I said. The owner said he was molting and therefore had those bare moth-bitten patches in his body.

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