Wednesday, June 8, 2011

470. Continuing Education: Adverse Reactions to food in the dog and cat

On Jun 7, 2011, I attended this seminar and was surprised to see most of the participants are young people of around 20-30 years of age. Probably from Malaysia and Indonesia.

I met Dr Lee who has a surgery in Johor Bahru's industrial area (small breeds 20% compared to my practice which is 95%; large breeds and mixed breeds 80%). He says there are around 15 vet clinics in JB. I said there are around 50 in Singapore. He mentioned about a very good 3-in-one sedation. "Just 0.1 ml IV and you can intubate the dog of 30 kg."

He said that he had attended a teaching seminar conducted by some European Vet Association in China (no Singapore vets were there). The European vets just use one layer of continuous appositional suture to close the bladder or intestinal incisions, unlike the American textbook recommendations of 2 layers of inverting sutures. He also said that in gastric torsion, the European vet just tears off the falciform ligament from the dog, exposing the twisted stomach for correction. No ill effect. Excellent teaching of ultrasound interpretation. He was generous as to share vet knowledge as most vets would just keep silent.

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