Sunday, May 29, 2011

458. My White Knights In Shining Armour

Two muscled young men are hired by the King to protect The Damsel In Distress from the Park's Tulip Monster. The monster is 100 feet tall and has exploding biceps and triceps. It lurks inside the tulips of the Araluen Botanic Park in Perth, Australia

Photography Tips

1. Bright sunlight at around 10 am - 11 am always makes the picture vibrant.
2. Focus on the eyes (spectacles) on the young man on the right.
3. As the parties are moving, you need to have steady hands. Use a camera with an image stabiliser.
4. Wait till the 3 parties walk into the path illuminated by the sunlight and click.      
5. Continuous shooting mode is best but this one was captured with one click.
6. Zoom close so that there will be no distraction from cars.
7. The pectoral muscles of the young men. 

There is the DL-Timberland nature photography contest
Theme of the contest: "Outdoors: Where Relationships Are Made"

To qualify, the participants must include the idea of relationships into their photo composition and caption, whether their shot is of a landscape, wild animal or a close-up of a plant. The winner gets $1,000 cash, $1,000 in Timberland vouchers for its latest Earthkeepers line of outdoor gear plus an Olympus Pen E-PL1 camera kit.

If any of the 3 contest winners is a DL Facebook fan, the winner will receive an extra $500 in cash plus $500 in Timberland vouchers.

Check out details in Contest starts May 18, 2011 and ends on midnight of June 30, 2011.

This picture may fit the theme. It is outdoors. Associated with nature (Araluen Botanic Park, Perth). Relationships are made when the family bond in visiting the Araluen Botanic Park in Perth during the season when thousands of tulips bloom.

There seems to be something missing. Where are the tulips? I doubt this photo will make it to the top 3, but who knows?

Readers who love reading English Romance Novels and King Arthur may appreciate why I name the picture "My White Knights In Shining Armour"

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