Friday, February 25, 2011

Pure Stupidity

"Pure stupidity," Julia said when I asked her what she thought about the case of a Singaporean man who purchased and smuggled a Golden Retriever puppy from Malaysia to Singapore. The case was reported in the Straits Times. A Dr Boon told this man to confess to the Singapore Government in 7 days or so or else the doctor would do it. The man did not. So, the doctor did. The AVA punished him and he lost "Princess".

I wonder what happened to the Golden Retriever puppy now. It was never mentioned in the newspapers.

Some pet shops are said to sell smuggled dogs. One man told me that he could get any breed of dog I wanted from Thailand. I told him I was not interested. Smuggling of dogs is an offence as rabies may be introduced to Singapore which has been rabies free for over 50 years.

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