Wednesday, February 23, 2011

345. Teaching interns rabbit medicine

My assistant Mr Saw views interns as pests as he has to take time to teach them. He would never tell me directly but I hear this from Khin Khin. I don't blame him as not everybody cares about teaching interns as it really takes lots of time.

Being busy, he does not want to waste time on interns. Interns who are helpful will of course, be appreciated by him. However, there will be vets and vet assistants who don't want to waste their precious and busy time on interns.

Rabbit medicine - In this case of a rabbit not eating, I got the two interns to learn how to bathe a rabbit with stained feet. This thin 7-year-old rabbit had been de-matted yesterday and had some bath. However, his feet were all stained greenish-black and he tried to lick the stains off.

As the vet in charge, I inspected warded animals and checked the treatment. This rabbit's feet had not been cleaned. After bathing by the 2 interns under Mr Saw, the rabbit appeared to have excellent appetite. Intern Nathaniel Gay took 5 pictures with his latest iPhone 4 presented by his father. I showed him the craft of taking photos by zooming and using correct points of views.

He uploaded on Microsoft Silverlight and emailed to me the link to see. I thought it was as he had given me the impression. It was a slide show and probably lasted for 5 days. Well, it was a learning experience for him.

This case of the skin-and-bone rabbit could be due to a lack of grooming care as the rabbit had excellent appetite after de-matting. Only that his feet were not washed by the groomer and I had to intervene by asking Mr Saw to show the interns how to bathe a rabbit. The intern first got the big blue tub for Golden Retriever puppies and switched on the hot water shower. Just as small plastic container sufficient to confine the rabbit and warm water from the boiling kettle would do. Sometimes, one must think about the situation and not bathe pets blindly, using big tubs and wasting lots of warm water.

Pic is shown here.

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