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342. Educating and entertaining Vet Undergraduates Project

Feb 23, 2011

I am back from a trip to Myanmar to hike a trail and see the schools near Lake Inle and visit a village in the Ayeyawaddy Division to see the Future Foundation's primary school construction in progress. I met an 81-year-old artist in his Art Gallery. I was looking for an oil painting of a flower vendor in Myanmar. He did have one that was sold long ago. The next best thing was a painting of flowers and market. Will display in the Toa Payoh Vets later.

AUDIO-VIDEO veterinary education project is being done with the volunteer and help of 2nd year vet student Ms Daphne Low. This 2nd video really took me by surprise as i did not expect much from her (being a busy multi-tasking distracted young generation with many things to do). My comments are recorded as follows:

OVERVIEW. Ms Daphne Low has to create the video based on the outline. I should have said "Audio-Visual" Production as the creation had music but no voice over!

Video Production
1. Define condition
2. Diagnosis
3. Treatment

1. Anaesthesia (TPVets)
2. Surgery (what is involved)
3. Puppy Toilet Training in Singapore
4. Disease conditions
- Bladder stones
- FUS (Feline Urinary Syndrome) / CUS (Canine Urologic Syndrome)
- Ear problems
- Heartworm
- Periodental Disease
- Skin abscess: ringworm(fungal), dermatitis (bacteria), mites
5. Vomiting/Diarrhoea
6. Cesearian
7. Corneal Ulceration - esp in Shih Tzu
8. Spaying/Neutering

- if many times = emergency as possible death due to dehydration/bacteria intoxication
- blood test, check stools for parvovirus/foreign body, x-ray
- treatment: no food/water for intestines to recover, iv drip + medicine to control infection for 2-3days

Infection of Ear Canal
-non-stop scratching
-head scratching
-affect immune system
-groomer will treat but unsuccessful
-if unsuccessful for 2 times, lateral ear resection will be required

E-MAIL FROM MS LOW dated Feb 18, 2011

Hi Dr Sing,

Sorry i took so long to get back to you! I was so busy with cny and stuff. How was your cny? (: I just managed to do a video on cesarean which i have attached in this email. Please take a look and tell me if this is what you are looking for. I saw that you are overseas from 17feb to 22feb. Have a safe trip! I will send to you more videos once I have the time to do them!


E-MAIL TO MS LOW dated Feb 23, 2011

Feb 23, 2011

Dear Daphne,

I just came back from Myanmar yesterday and expected to see a similar video production as the first video production you did for me. Thank you for spending time and effort to produce a beautiful "movie" which will help to educate and hopefully to entertain veterinary undergraduates in developing countries where there are no computers and facilities in the schools and where internet access is slow and expensive.

I just can't believe that you have had progressed to making a professional-looking video with music. Everything was well timed and clear. It is as if a rose bud has started to blossom, when I compared to your previous video production for me. Pl do not infringe on music copyright.

1. No audio in this production unlike your first video you produced for me . Please make some comments about surgical techniques (the text is inside the pictures) so that the viewer does not need to strain to read the "subtitles" inside the images. Hearing is best. Reading subtitles deprives much of the fun in viewing as the viewer must focus on reading the small text. That is why foreign language non-English movies don't do well with the English-educated audience in Singapore.

2. For credits, just provide text as follows:

This is a "Be Kind To Pets" Audio-Visual Production with the objective to educate and entertain, thus making Veterinary Medicine & Surgery Alive for Veterinary Undergraduates in developing countries. This is Dr Sing Kong Yuen's Community Education Project made possible with the collaboration of veterinarians at Toa Payoh Vets. We thank the sponsors - Design Travel Pte Ltd and Asia USA Realty (S) asiahomes.com Pte Ltd, Singapore.

More information is at the respective websites:
bekindtopets.com, toapayohvets.com, designtravelpl.com and asiahomes.com.

Produced by Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS
Videography by: Ms Daphne Low, 2nd year, Veterinary Student, Sydney University, Australia. Feb 2011. All rights reserved.

3. Please upload this first draft to youtube.com as it is a pioneer batch.

4. I am glad that you are not wasting time on Farmville in Facebook and that it was a family member using your facebook account. Create beautiful educational "movies". Make a difference - make the world a better place for pets and children.

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