Tuesday, February 15, 2011

335. A very busy father seeks immediate treatment for his daughter's hamster

Yesterday, Feb 15, 2011, I was surprised to see a busy father rushing in with a hamster in a cage. "I am in a hurry," he said. "My daughter's hamster has broken his leg."

"Where's your daughter?" I asked. "She's in school and does not know about this yet."
It is very unusual to see a Singapore father taking time off to send the hamster to see the vet.

"Where's the vet?" he asked me.
"Dr Vanessa is in the operating room," I said. "Can you wait?"
As he was in a hurry, probably to close a real estate deal (based on he being awarded IEA Realtors Awards - lst runner up in 2008/2009 and Platinum award in 2007 and 2008, from his namecard which I got from him later), I decided to take charge of his case. Usually Dr Vanessa will handle the cases during the hours of duty.

He was hesitant as he thought I was the customer service staff.
"I am Dr Sing," I introduced myself. He smiled and said: "My daughter told me about you and your hamster cases." Since I do not know the 15-year-old daughter, I presume he was referring to my hamster case studies at www.toapayohvets.com, hamsters.

Since Dr Vanessa came in, I excused myself and let Dr Vanessa handle the case.

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