Thursday, February 10, 2011

330. Photography: a tool for better veterinary health care for pets?

From: Digital photographer Issue 97

Mona Miri:
Images must be visually compelling and tell a story. Photography is a very powerful tool to highlight important humanitarian and environmental issues ( When we see images of degradation, starvation, pollution or natural disasters, we want to make a difference.
Photographers need to be telling stories about their world, providing a voice for the subjects and make us think differently about conventional wisdom.

It must be a combination of the photos and the facts or ideas behind them that can change people's view. Not just photos alone.

An image is a very powerful weapon but a person must show the correct view instead of a distorted one.

Photo is a powerful tool that bring issues to the attention of the big decision-makers. But it is the campaign with images that makes the biggest difference

Money is influence, influence is access and that is what makes the world go round, not pictures

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