Tuesday, February 1, 2011

321. Myanmar stories - The Psychic

Feb 1, 2011 (Monday)

"She's a very good psychic," Tun, a Myanmar businessman in his 40s and sporting a big paunch due to too many lunches and coffee meetings, related an incredible tale to me over lunch at Inle Lake Restaurant in Peninsula Plaza on Feb 1, 2011 after we had seen some office spaces for rent in Peninsula Plaza. "She goes overseas to consult. Even the top general seeks her advice (Tun mentioned his name)."

"This really happened?" I was incredulous.
"Yes," Tun said. "The used car salesman is working in Singapore. I can introduce him to you."
He had said that the used car salesman was owed a lot of money by an Indian man for a few years. So he consulted E.T who is a famous psychic in Myanmar. The debtor had said: "You can send gangsters to beat me up, the triads to kill me. I will not pay you." So, the salesman asked the psychic for help.

Tun related the following:

"E.T asked him to give me a dollar note. She then wrote 80% on the note and asked the salesman to bring it with him when he sees the debtor again. You will not get back 100% of your money but just 80%.

So the salesman left Yangon to fly back to Singapore. He saw the debtor carrying the note in his shirt pocket and asked for the return of his loan. The debtor said: "I am prepare to pay you but not every cent."

The salesman said: "Pay me 70% by September (of 2009) or 80% by December (of 2009).

The debtor said: "I will pay you 80% by December."

"Is that really true?" I asked again. "Yes," Tun said patiently. "I wanted my wife to make an appointment for me."

"Why?" I asked this congenial man.

"But my wife is overseas," he said.

There was another Myanmar couple at the lunch table but they did not doubt Tun's story. E.T charges US$40 per case and that is a lot of money for the average person in Myanmar. So, do you believe in this tale or not? Tun has no reason to tell a cock and bull story. I was talking about a Myanmar business man who was looking for old Jaguar cars from Singapore to sell in Myanmar. This was when Tun said that he knew of this large used-car company that had a lot of old Jaguars to sell. And that was then he related the story of E.T and this salesman in this company.

His friend who is an entreprenuer had said: "An old Jaguar in Yangon is half the price of a Toyota." I was surprised. He further surprised me by saying: "The housing agent in Yangon is called "worn-out sleepers and faded umbrellas. This is because he pounds the pavement till his slippers are worn out (unlike Singapore agents who drive a Mercedes) and worked under the hot afternoon sun till his umbrella colours fade away." I was surprised at such stereotypes of the realtor and did learn a bit about the culture in Myanmar. As for the psychic, I wonder whether I should make an appointment.

Psychic, clairvoyant, healer, master practitioner in the arts of black magic, tarot, numerology, palmistry and astrology.

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