Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mum and two sons and a rabbit being neutered

"I live quite far away," the mum of two pre-teen sons of 1.5 years difference in age gap said. "Can I wait in the clinic for the neuter to be completed and bring the rabbit home?"

"Yes, you can do that," I said. "However, you bear the risk as the rabbit after anaesthesia has not waken up normally yet. If he dies at home later due to the stress of being transported home immediately after surgery, you will blame the vet. It is a risk but not a big risk. Rabbits are more sensitive than dogs to anaesthesia."

"The boys do not want to part with the rabbit," the mum said. She did not want to take the risk. "Here's some hay for the rabbit," she came back to the Surgery with a plastic bag of hay. "OK, I will put the hay and the pellets in the crate after neuter," I doubted that the rabbit would eat immediately. However it does eat if given pain-killers post-op.

At 7 pm, she took the rabbit home. I showed her the rabbit's bottom to confirm there was no bleeding. The rabbit had woken up. Rabbits don't wag their tail and so there was no good indications.

6 month old dwarf rabbit. male.
Domitor 0.1 ml ear vein. Isoflurane gas needed to top up. Rabbit OK and goes home 6 hours after neuter.

The mum told me that she came to this practice as Toa Payoh Vets has "good" vets from her internet research. I did not ask further. The internet can also say bad things about vets too.

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