Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Giving back to society

Tues Jan 18, 2011

I was surprised that this successful Myanmar accountant of around 40 years of age gave back to his community by building a school in a very remote rural area 4 hours by car, boat and motor-bike from Yangon. He donated some $30,000 to build the school.

I asked for pictures and he showed me the primary school. The school desks would be of antique value. They were wooden and I believed I saw them some 50 years ago in Singapore when I started Primary School!

There are other Myanmar doing their bit for fund raising but this is the first one who does build a school and maintains it. He showed me a picture of a golden plaque in memory of a Japanese man who built another school nearby. This Japanese man is around my age of 60 years but has passed away.

After building, the school will be handed to the Ministry of Education. "How do you know money and things donated to the school is really given to the children?" I asked him.

"The volunteers bring themselves and give directly."
"Who are the volunteers?" I asked.
"They are the people in the movie industry," he said.
In March, I will be arranging a trip to this place to help out or donate educational materials.

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