Wednesday, January 26, 2011

312. Exporting dogs to Australia from Singapore/Malaysia

There are many procedures needed to export dogs to Australia as evident from the following difficulties encountered by a dog lover:

Hello Dr Sing,

I just brought my pets to a Malaysian government clinic to get samples
of their blood.

At first, I was told that I could do the RNATT at this Shah Alam clinic
but when I called the second time to confirm, the person on the phone
told me it is not possible.

I was told people usually send the blood serum to the UK for testing
because it is cheaper and also because Australia does not approve of any
lab in Malaysia.

I sent an email to the AQIS department of Australia to find out where I
could send my dog's blood serum for testing and they gave me this
address in Singapore!

Veterinary Laboratory Branch
Animal & Plant Health Inspection Division
Primary Production Department
Central Veterinary Laboratory
13 Jalan Seranggong Kechil
Telephone: 46 1867 4000
Fax: 46 1830 9162

Have you heard of this laboratory in Singapore? I will call them next
week to find out more about them and whether I can take my dog's blood
serum to them for testing.

If you look at the Australian rates for the Ehrlichiosis, Brucellosis,
Leptospirosis and Leishmaniosis tests, it is quite a rip off and I hope
I can get my tests done in Singapore.


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