Wednesday, January 12, 2011

298. Toilet training email query

E-MAIL TO DR SING dated Jan 12, 2011


I have 1 maltese cross, age 3 years old. He used to pee at the pee tray correctly. But for the recent months,he started to pee outside of the tray. We tried to place newspaper underneath the tray , but he will still pee outside the tray. Is there any solution for this problem? Will Neutering cure the problem?

kindly reply me asap as i need to solve this problem fast.


E-MAIL REPLY FROM DR SING dated Jan 12, 2011
I am Dr Sing from Toa Payoh Vets. Most likely there has been a change of environment (new tray, room, etc) or situation (new pets, baby, dog next door or corridor etc) making him want to either get attention from you (by peeing outside the tray) or he wants to mark territory (outside the tray but can't do it further because of your scolding or spanking).

Neutering does help to reduce/stop territorial spraying when done at a young age. Pl email 2 images of your pee tray and surroundings. It is hard to advise without seeing the location and tools you use.

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