Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Panting Old Schnauzer with low platelet count

It is almost two weeks since I saw the dog with the low platelet count. The case is recorded at:

Yesterday I phoned the busy young lady as there was no news from her. No news means good news. The young lady said: "My dog has pinker gums. She is eating. I have given her the prednisolone half tablet two times per day. But she pants heavily the whole day. Could it be the pain? She may need an X-ray as you had advised. Or a blood test. Should I get her examined by you?"

It is hard to diagnose over the phone. I was glad that this dog had not died from internal bleeding due to such a low platelet count. I gave her an appointment to see her dog at 9.30 am on Thursday.

A follow-up in such a case is important but some owners may not have the time to do the follow up till the dog collapses.

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