Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New puppy health check


I am looking to adopt a new dog into my house, she is currently 1month old and still being weaned.

As i already have a 5 year old dog, i want to ensure that the newest addition is healthy and free from any disease.

Please let me know what tests which need to be run and at what age.
And also how long in advance would i need to make an appointment.

Thank you,

Name of owner

I am Dr Sing. My advice is to isolate the puppy from the adult dog for one month. Get the adult dog vaccinated 2 weeks before the puppy arrives if it is not vaccinated for the past one year. The puppy can be sent to me for general examination, testing of parvovirus +/- distemper and general examination after weaning and one day before going to your house. A blood test may be requested to check for liver and kidney disorders and blood status.

This will be around 6-8 weeks. First vaccination is at 6 weeks.
Appointment 24 hours earlier by phone 6254 3326 can be made. Best wishes.

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