Friday, October 1, 2010

Buying products for others

A 71-year-old friend of Dr J asked me to buy hair growth products and glucose strips for him from Perth citizens thinking they would get them cheaper under the National Health Service. My contact said there was no NHS in Australia for citizens according to her search on the internet.

My mission was to buy the cheaper version of the hair loss. However, I don't use his product nor do I know which is the cheaper generic. "Hair A Gain" is what the buyer sms me as to what he has been using and he asked me to look for cheaper generic brands of minoxidil. On the 4th day of my stay in Perth, my contact had no success or advice for me. After dinner, I went to the Pharmacy in the mall. As it was a Thursday, the mall closes at 9 pm. The first product I bought was Men's Regaine Extra Strength as this pharmacy has only this product. This was the expensive original product, around 100% more expensive than "Hair A Gain" and this would not be what the buyer asked for.

It is best to get the Buyer to specify in writing what not to buy and what brands to buy. Now what should I do with Regaine as I don't have hair loss?

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