Thursday, September 30, 2010

Acupressure project


To: Dr Sing Kong Yuen

We are a group of students from ...(Pre University) and we are doing a project on the general well being of the animals. Our project focus is to suggest the use of acupressure on the animals housed in animal shelters. We hope to influence pet owners as well as our cohorts to raise their awareness that animals' general well-being is equally important as physical well-being. We feel this issue would be best demonstrated through helping the animals in animal shelters.

To be more detailed; the objectives of our project are to extend the benefits of acupressure to animals in organizations such as animal shelters, SPCA, the Singapore Turf Club and pet obedience schools. We understand that animals in these organizations receive sufficient medical treatment; however, we feel more could be done for the animals.

We are formulating a proposal to as part of our project, and we would be extremely grateful if you could help us with the following questions:

1) We would just want to find out whether animal shelters would send their animals to you or you would visit the animal shelter if there was a sick animal?

2) We have designed a product that could help an acupressure practitioner to perform the therapy conveniently at any location. We would like to seek your professional advice on our product to see its feasibility. Attached is the general product of how our product would be like.

If you need further information, please contact us via this email:

Thank you very much for your kind attention and cooperation.


In your project proposal, please define "Acupressure". Also state why should animal owners want acupressure for their animals? What are the benefits and the costs? Are there commercial products available?

As for animal shelter animals, they are usually in great need of money and many volunteers to sustain their operations. They do send sick animals to the vet for treatment as it is relatively lower cost than house-calls.

In my opinion, acupressure may not be practical for their situation. Your proposed product for aromatherapy use may be useful for dog owners who may want aromatherapy as an alternative veterinary medical treatment.

As for racehorses, I think your product is not appropriate.

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