Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vomiting associated with de-tangle shampoo

Monday 23.8.10 case

"Any de-ticking shampoo used?" I was presented with a Miniature Schnauzer, male, 2 years, shivering at home for 2 hours yesterday. The dog had insecticide poisoning some months ago after application of the tick wash and so this was the instant diagnosis.

"The house groomer does not permit us to watch him grooming," the daughter said. "He came last week."

"Has the dogs any ticks?" I asked.
"Yes, but we don't use tick wash or insecticide. We catch the ticks."

I told my assistant that it is best to take a blood and urine sample. The dog appeared OK this morning. No fever. No trembling.

Urea high Creatinine below normal, Haemoglobin above normal

amber, clear
pH 6.5, SG 1.020, Blood Trace.
White blood cells 25, Red blood cells 5, Bacateria Occasional, Spermatozoa Occasional

Cause: De-tangled shampoo poured onto the dog. Recommended by groomer to buy. But groomer used another brand. Dog licked off. Got poisoned. Advised: No more use.

"What shampoo to use?" mum asked.
"use the same shampoo for past weeks. Just remember to rinse as your dog dislikes all chemicals on his body.

A case of shivering poisoning from a herbal grooming shampoo to detangle hair? This time the shivering was due to a grooming shampoo, not an anti-tick product. The colour of the urine is amber (could be due to byproducts of herbal shampoo rosemary and ..)

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