Wednesday, August 25, 2010


25.8.10 Goes home.
Shih Tzu, 8 years, male
4 pm. Can control bladder after Tardak inj and antibiotics yesterday. But still painful prostate on palpation. clindamycin 25 mg/capsule. 3 cap bd x 14 days

URINE TEST (2nd day)
Amber, Turbid, pH 6.5 SG 1.032, Protein 1+, Blood 4+. WBC >2550, RBC 126, Bacteria +. Possible haemolysis of RBC in urine.

pH 9, SG 1.00, Protein 2+. Blood 4+, WBC 4+.
Dipstick's yellow (instead of green) showed non-haemolysis of RBC in urine.
Lab analysis is more accurate.

6.30 pm. Dog goes home. Positive developments are:
1. Saw stray cat and barked
2. Poop twice as usual. Normal stools. Dog had been using stool to mark territory as he would poop in different areas for the past 7 years.
3. Urinate a few times as usual - urine marking. Colour yellowish.
4. Bladder control OK - therefore can urine mark.
5. Had excellent appetite.
6. Drank some water after urination. Not excessive thirst.
7. Prostrate should shrink now that treatment is given and the dog no longer produces testosterone.

Observe for next 14 days. No dry food. Canned food. Larger e-collar to prevent the occasional licking of prepuce

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