Friday, August 27, 2010

diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus in a cat?


The fat cat of over 8 years of age, male, neutered showed brown-yellowish urine stains and hair loss in the genital area some 2 years ago and had recovered. At that time, I suspected that he had to go in and out of the litter pan which was lined with newspapers. The newspapers flowed out of the sides of the pan. After making sure that the papers were placed inside the litter pan and antibiotics, the cat recovered. The genital area was no longer bald. Everyone was happy.

Now the daughter brought the cat in for grooming. The cat looked like Garfield.

"It is not normal for a cat to have stained genital area," I said to the daughter. "Get a blood test done." I did not ask for a urine test as there were some hesitation about costs and in any case, the cat was sent in for grooming and not for disease.

High blood glucose. Liver enzymes were OK. No kidney disorder.

So is this a case of diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus without complications in a cat? Is it a case of diabetes at all? What do you think? How to confirm it?

The father said that the cat was very hungry and drank a lot. He would check on the amount of water drank.

This would be done if not for economic reasons. Glucosuria will confirm diabetes mellitus. What about diabetes insipidus? Urine SG <1 .008="" 1.020="" a="" around="" as="" be="" br="" cat="" diabetes="" dilute.="" i="" indicate="" insipidus="" likelihood="" mr="" of="" ormal="" said="" saw.="" sg="" should="" the="" to="" urine="" very="" will="">

I had a review of the two types of diabetes with my assistant Mr Saw. Real case studies are best and this case is useful for Mr Saw as he has to go into differential diagnosis including diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus and the causes of high blood glucose. One condition is associated with the pancreas. The other with the kidney.

More investigation needs to be done. Urine tests and blood tests will be needed. So far, the liver enzymes are OK. So this is a diabetes case without complications?

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