Friday, August 20, 2010

172. Faucitis-Stomatitis cat goes home

Cat, 3.8kg. Eating. Ulcers in both fauces, base of tongue and midline of tongue is seen.

Advices to owner:

1. Immune disease with no permanent cure. Lifespan may be around one year if the steroidal drugs become ineffective.
2. Blood test taken on 17.8.10 shows high glucose and high liver enzymes (SGPT/ALT 642 compared to <121 and SGOT/AST of 309 compared to <67. Other blood results normal. Eosionophils is lower at 4.07%$ or absolute 0.37 x 10^9/L.
3. Canned food or fresh fish diet mainly. Multivitamin.
4. No stress but must interact with the other 2 cats.
5. Now to give immunosuppressive dose at 3 mg/kg every 48 hours from today. total should be 11.4 mg pred. Give 2 tablets of 5 mg every Friday, Monday and Wednesday for 1 month and observe. Increase pred when the cat is not eating.
6. To follow up 1 month later.

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