Sunday, July 18, 2010

Success factors in a fashion business

Saturday July 17, 2010 10 p.m Cathay Cineplex

It was nearly 10 pm on a Saturday which was my day off. Most senior citizen mothers in the middle class would be enjoying themselves, playing mahjong, singing at karaoke or entertaining.

I had come back from the National Day Parade Rehearsal at the Padang to get my car at the Cathay Cineplex car park.

Earlier, a kind lady had given me a red entry ticket to view the rehearsal from the Padang. She approached me as I was standing on the ledge of the fencing of St Andrew's Cathedral at 5.30 pm dangerously with one hand grabbing the railing and the other hand taking pictures. She asked me if I wanted a spare red ticket she had. I said yes. I did not apply for such rehearsal tickets as they were in great demand and I could not be bothered. With this ticket, I was near the centre of action and could take some good pictures in this bright evening

I was surprised that this mother was still manning her son's small fashion retail shop. She worked 7 days a week. Push-carts at the ground floor would have changes of shift workers but for her, she was the only saleswoman as the previous employee had not be honest.

Her eyes were about to close as she sat behind the counter. Julia had bought some T-shirts from her previously but could not find any interesting apparel in her shop. "Just

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