Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shih Tzu passes blood a few weeks, incontinent

"Blood in the urine and can't control bladder for past few weeks" the man with the dyed bronze hair said.

His usual vet, Vet 1 diagnosed bladder stones and did not charge him. He referred to Vet 2 as he did not want to do any surgery. Owner read that Vet 2 had a bad name in the internet forum. So, sms me regarding costs of surgery, X-rays etc.

Shih Tzu, Female, 1.5 years
"When's the last heat?" I asked as the vulval lips were still swollen.
"Last month," the young man said. "I thought it was due to heat problems."

Crepitus (gas-like sensation) inside the bladder. A common indication of bladder stones.

1. Blood urea above normal

pH 6.5
SG 1.004
Nitrite +
Blood 4+
Bacteria Occasional
Protein +

Sometimes, no crystals in urine as stone is formed. Acidify urine. Change diet to wet food.
Goes home for one week of antibiotics. Then x-ray if the owner wants it.

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