Friday, July 23, 2010

140. Doing research

Article: In search of Ma - Mother's Day Story
The Straits Times, May 1, 2010

Devonshire Road, Teochew Tong San Tng temple photo with Mia Tan's mum praying taken by a German photographer almost 20 years ago. Photo was exhibited in the temple. How to trace him for the photo? Took one year to get result.

1. Countless online searches, emails to German photograhers working or had worked in Singapore, photojournalists, Goethe Institute for names, but disappointed.
2. Friend suggested online National Library Board Digitalised Newspaper archives. Found a newspaper article "Candles kindle love for temple photography" by Wolfgang Pippert.
3. Went to National Library microfilm reels and books to get a photo of Mr Pippert.
4. Finally, search Facebook. Mr Pippert sent her a scanned photo in her email. Gave to mum on Mother's Day.

Mum is 70 years old but the photo is a constant reminder of Mum's values of steadfastness, patience, compassion and wisdom.

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